Stuck/Unstuck for Writers

It’s normal, it happens—writers get stuck.

I have helped writers move forward and get unstuck.

How I started to work with writers to help them get unstuck:
I studied intuitive healing to help people going through illness. At the same time I started working with people on their creative blocks. They told me they felt freer and more motivated, excited, and alive—after a single session. I knew I’d found something unique I wanted to share with other writers.

How does the stuck/unstuck work?
Sessions are done over the phone. You bring the creative block and we work to break it up. I do not read your work. Typically, one session is all that’s needed to regain momentum. It’s not like other creative coaching, and it’s not therapy or advice, but stuck/unstuck fully supports both.

Is stuck/unstuck right for you?
If you feel you’ve stifled your voice in order to write something sale-able, if rejection has blocked your momentum, if critiques have you reeling, or you just can’t start—or finish—a project, stuck/unstuck might help you. For more information about getting unstuck, email Meredith today at meredith [at] meredithresnick [dot] come