Manuscript Services

We all have emotional attachments to the words we write. I like to help you figure out what stays and what goes.

To this end:*

Developmental editing takes a big-picture (macro) view of the work, seeing cause and effect on a very large scale.

Line editing—paragraph by paragraph (typically once the structure is in place)—is about reordering and shaping text to heighten emotion and movement (for fiction and memoir writers) and clarity (for professional, educational and business writers).  For creative writing, it means shaping sentences for impact, paying attention to voice, point of view, dialogue, description, scene development and movement on the more close-up level.

Manuscript consultations are often useful for writers who have been through several rewrites and may be seeking clarity for next steps.

Contact me to discuss your manuscript’s needs. I work in the following areas:

Genres include: literary and YA fiction, creative nonfiction, personal essays; healthcare and clinical dissertations and theses, clinical reports, research projects.

*In most cases I provide proofreading and copyediting services for professional healthcare clients only.